Trenchless Pipe Repair

trenchless pipe repairAt Slab Leak Repair Dallas TX, we have a complete selection of trenchless pipe repair services for durable and cost-effective repairs. We have the knowledge and technology to enable you to evaluate, plan, and provide the proper strategy to fix your infrastructure problems. Trenchless pipe repair means that you don’t need to wreck your land. In our trenchless technology, here’s what happens and how different it is from standard methods:

  • Rather than making a hole, we’ll start to create tiny openings in the busted pipe.
  • We will create a new pipe taken from the current pipeline to place in the brand new body.
  • If you have limited access to the pipeline, we have to eliminate the old pipeline and not harm your yards or driveway. We can accomplish it conveniently and quickly. It requires less time and is more useful.

In situations that need repair, trenches usually have been dug up. Our professionals will prepare and provide your office or house and examine other problems with a trench in this particular pipe’s damaged area. This can be an enormous task, and the expenses heighten considerably. You can trust our expert people to manage it effectively for you.

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Trenchless Pipe Repair Plano

A busted pipe is a big deal. Water leaking out into the base of your house can cause flooding or slipping. It can result in significant damage to the structure and costly repairs. You can have incredibly high water bills, with numerous other issues that need to be fixed if we can’t repair it quickly. A pipe that has suffered a lot of damage through long erosion, land shifting, or tree roots will require a repair. Below are the benefits you can get from using our trenchless pipe repair.

  • Prevent leaks from potential root intrusions
  • Improves trench capability for flow
  • Doesn’t up dig your property or ruin it.
  • Like new pipes
  • Inexpensive alternative
  • Modernized purification process

For minor cracks in water lines with continuous leaks, our crew will dig a little hole down in the leak area, and after that, put a tiny metal clamp all over the leak site. The clamp will be tightened down to seal off the hole, and the crack is re-filled. Its advantage is that it’ll take a couple of hours to do it and won’t require us to tear up your entire yard at an inexpensive cost. But this is only useful for small leaks.

For seriously damaged pipes, the pipe relining method is one of the popular ways we use. Once this lining dries, it turns into an outstanding shell that is tough and durable, and it can last for fifty years or more under ideal conditions. In case you want a pipe repaired, speak to the pros at our company. We’re fully certified, bonded, and insured to provide you with the best service performed with integrity.

Slab Leak Repair Dallas

What are the causes of slab leaks?

Copper pipes get rusty through the years with constant exposure to water. Chemical substances are found in the soil and can cause a chemical reaction with pipes and cause corrosion. Hot water lines corrode on the outside to the ground, while cold water lines typically corrode from the inside from a water stop and electrolysis mix. Other factors include leaks from abrasions and vibrations. This causes the piping to rub on hard surfaces such as gravel or concrete. With time, leaks happen, particularly in vulnerable joints. Ground settling and shifting from the nearby building could result in pipes to bend or fold that force water to flow. Leaks often produce from the uneven pressure inside the tube. Severe shifting could cause burst pipes triggering substantial water damage.

Whether you notice a leak that has entered the foundation of your home, you need to call for an experienced plumber that has the expertise, technical ability, and ready to do slab leak repair for you. That’s why our company is here to assist you until the end of the repair, and we ensure that you’ll be satisfied with the results of our work. 

If the construction is newer, we’ll use another alternative that could be penetrating and opening the foundation to attaining the pipeline’s fractured part. You’ll get slab leak repair choices at our company that uses modern technological advances such as trenchless pipe repair. This is a technique that we use to limit the amount of digging while repairing the whole pipeline.