Slab Leak Repair Dallas

slab leak repair dallas

Slab leaks are one of the biggest threats to your home. They can be difficult to identify, and in some cases are leaking for weeks before a homeowner finally notices them. If you haven’t had your slab checked for leaks in while, we would be happy to perform a simple inspection for you. We always arrive at your house quickly, determine whether or not there are any leaks, and explain the necessary steps to resolve any issues. Every plumber here at Slab Leak Repair Dallas is licensed, bonded, and highly-trained. Our company is referred to as having the most punctual plumbers because of how much we value your time. The amount of time required to fix a slab leak can vary based on the location of the leak and severity of any damages that may have taken place. A bit or repair through a floor cavity can generally be completed in one day, while tunneling could be a little bit more of a lengthier project.

In case of major damage to your home, our team is here to help make suggestions to on how to approach insurance claims and water damage restoration solutions. We are trained and experienced in working with insurance companies to minimize any out of pocket cost for you. Call us today for the most affordable slab leak repair Dallas TX residents have ever seen!


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Slab Leak Repair Plano

It could take moments or a month to discover a water leak in your home. The main thing to keep in mind is that it is imperative the leak is repaired immediately if you do happen to notice any. When they are ignored they could cost you hundreds of dollars on your water bill, and even worse do serious damage to your home. Call today and one of our experts will give you a list of any indicators of a slab leak Dallas residents should be aware of!

In the event we do notice and detect and leaks in the slab or pipes, we always provide you with a free estimate. Slab leak repair costs vary based on the amount of restoration needed, and the method of work required to work on the affected areas. Although these projects can be expensive, we always do what we can to help get the repairs covered by your homeowners insurance company. 

Most projects can be done by simply cutting off a section of pipe surrounding the leak, and joining it with a new piece, then backfilling the hole. Because repiping can be more expensive than repairing a slab leak Dallas residents should be mindful of this. A full repiping project may not be covered by insurance.

Each of our vans are filled with standard plumbing equipment, which is why we can solve ninety percent of all problems in one visit. Our team is over qualified and focused on giving our clients the very best experience they could possibly have. When we work inside your house, rest assured you almost won’t eve know we’re there. Call today to speak with our experts about our slab leak repair Plano residents can depend on!

Signs that You Need a Slab Leak Repair Dallas TX

Signs of a slab leak can differ based on the location and severity of the leak. One of the most common signs is wet spots on the carpet or floors. High water bills are also a clear indicator a potential slab leak. Once a leak has occured, water will continue to flow even when no faucets are being used. This is why you want to determine where water is leaking from quickly. Mildew and mold in carpeted areas are also surefire signs of slab leaks Dallas families should be aware of! As time passes, even with lower pressure leaks, moisture from the water will still cause mildew and mold to grow. The sound of running water is an audible sign of a slab leak. Although the noise may seem to be coming from the faucets, or in the walls, it’s origin is almost always going to be from beneath the slab.

If any type of slab leak isn’t addressed immediately, your home is at risk of taking on severe damages, which will ultimately be disruptive to your life and require expensive repairs. 

Some of the obvious signs of slab leaks Dallas residents should be mindful of include:

  • Cracked floors and foundations
  • Significant structural displacement such as impacted roofs or walls
  • Mold and mildew growth
  • Wood rot
  • Soil erosion

If you or anybody you know is suspicious of having a slab leak, call us today to speak with one of our experts right away!