Slab Leak Repair Frisco

slab leak repair

If you are looking for the most affordable leak management solutions, you have come to the right place. For many years, our company has been known to provide excellent customer service, coupled with competitively priced rates for our customers in Frisco and the surrounding areas. Of all of the plumbing services we offer, slab leaks are among the most critical situations. Due to the potential difficulty of repairing a slab leak, we always come prepared to handle even the most extreme cases. Call now to speak with our experts if you or anybody you know is in need of a slab leak repair!

As natural movement occurs below your house, the concrete base faces constant strain, which might eventually result in a crack forming. Though several signs can indicate you have a slab leak, the most common way to determine this is if you notice extra moisture on your floors or walls, or have an unusually high water bill. If you happen to notice these issues, that doesn’t always mean you know exactly where the leak is coming from. Most residential pipes are wrapped in shielding sleeves, which can be divert water outside of the pipe if not installed correctly. Thus, it’s essential to find a dependable leak detection and repair company like us to quickly resolve any issues once you notice them. Suppose someone did a DIY repair on their own without ultimately determining the reason for the leak. What might happen instead is simple problems become harder to resolve, and lead to more severe damages. Call us today for the best slab leak repair Frisco families can depend on!

When our expert plumbers perform any job, it’s necessary for them and for you to anticipate the unexpected. With the number of variables involved, it is hard to predict up front how the leak will need to be repaired. That’s why we are here as an experienced plumbing company that practices safe maintenance techniques. We are often able to use proven, innovative methods that allow our plumbers to access the pipe with no major changes to the foundation.


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Process of our Slab Leak Repair

    • We will apply an epoxy coating on the interior of the pipes. Only two points of entry are required, one on each side of the leak.
    • Eliminate a portion of the slab in the area of the leak and restore the pipe.
    • Replacing, re-piping, or rerouting the whole piping system is another method that may be required in extreme cases
    • Another technique for repairing a slab leak is breaking out the whole slab and changing the pipes. We’ll use a jackhammer in addition to the removal of the concrete flooring. This is used as a last resort for slab leak fixes since it’s disruptive, costly, messy, and noisy.


    Before we start to fix your slab’s problem, we’ll review the available options for repairs with you. You have our word that you will get honest, up-front pricing, which means so you can make an informed decision for handling your slab leak repair