Slab Leak Repair Flower Mound

slab leak repair flower mound

Has your water pressure decreased recently? Do you notice the constant sound of running water, or do you have tiny craks in your slab foundation? You’ll find many clues that you may need a slab leak repair, and they all need to be taken seriously. If your home is placed on a concrete slab, it means you have pipes that run beneath your house, and below where the slab sits itself.

If you are looking to repair a slab leak in Flower Mound, you simply can’t do better than Slab Leak Repair Dallas. We provide free estimates, and upfront pricing so you understand what you’re receiving and what you are investing in. Our team can fix your slab leak quickly and restore the performance of your plumbing system.

At our company, you’ll see we use a selection of leak detection techniques and tools for our work. We understand what type of repair is needed each different type of issue. We can provide you with an expert recommendation as to which approach would be most beneficial for you. Call today to speak with an expert about our slab leak repair Flower Mound residents can count on!

Whatever you’re encountering, our company has you covered because we strive to offer the most value and the best service. We make sure that our clients are all satisfied before leaving their property. We’re one of the most recommended specialist plumbing teams in the DFW Metroplex. In case you need are in need of immediate assistance, our team is always on standby.


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Slab Leak Repair

In a perfect world, people would never have to deal with slab leaks. A slab leak is also commonly known known as a foundation drip. Over time, copper or old galvanized metal pipe become compromised and start to leak while still encased within your foundation’s concrete. The trigger is usually unknown, but many plumbing industry experts chalk it up to defective pipes or poor installation. However, even the slightest dent or bend in a line can leak over years of constant pressure.

We want to help you recognize what leads to a slab leak and what you should look for to identify one. If you see your water bill increased, begin checking for wet places on your carpet. You may even see mold close to the baseboards. Discolored tiles are also another sign your slab may be leaking. If you have hardwood floors, you’ll notice planks beginning to buckle. A decrease in water pressure is a common sign as well. 

If you have a slab leak, it is important that you to handle the problem before it potentially gets worse. Our team is here to help quickly find and fix the leak, so you can avoid spending extra money on your water bill and avoid unnecessary damages. Our staff is prepared to addressyour concerns and answer any questions that you may have. If you or anybody that you know is suspicious of having a slab leak, call or email us today to speak with one of our experts for a free estimate!