Slab Leak Repair Carrollton

slab leak repair carrollton

A slab leak is a hazardous type of leak that can lead to costly repairs if it isn’t dealt with immediately. The leak can damage household appliances and the environment if not appropriately addressed. If this happens to occur, it is important that any repairs needed are done by a professional. At Slab Leak Repair Dallas, we have the knowledge and experience necessary to resolve any type of leak related issue for you. Call us today for the best slab leak repair Carrollton residents have ever seen!

Since a slab leaks are usually underground, they aren’t always visible right away. Nevertheless, you’ll find there are several tell if you might have a slab leak a slab drip. 

Some of these include:

  • Mold or mildew – Damp places are an ideal breeding ground for mildew and mold. You may notice signs of decay in your flooring or unusual odors in the affected areas.
  • Reduced water pressure – If you notice a drop in water pressure, you might have a pipe leaking out water before it reaches the fixture. You can assess your overall water pressure by switching off all water-based appliances and simultaneously testing the stream from every faucet.
  • Continuously operating hot-water heater – If your water heater is working all the time, then you might have a hot water leak. If hot water is leaking onto the floor, the water heater is likely having to overcompensate.
  • Hotter areas in your floors – If you have a slab leak developing under your water heater, several areas of your foundation will be hotter compared to others. This isn’t easy to identify with carpeted rooms or hardwood, but linoleum and tile flooring will be warmer anywhere there is a warm water leak.
  • Foundation cracks – Slab leaks often cause foundations to crack.


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Slab Leak Detection Carrollton TX

Leak issues might seem simple at first, but in truth, they could cost you far more than you think. In severe conditions, a leak can lead to stained walls, impaired water quality, mold, puddling, and much more. That’s why getting the best professional plumbing maintenance and slab leak detection services is a necessity. Have you been looking for the best leak detection service near you? If so, Slab Leak Repair Dallas is your best choice in the Carrollton TX area. We’re a reputable slab leak repair company known for exceptional craftsmanship, outstanding service, and providing results that last. 

Before we can fix the problem at hand, detecting the slab leak will be our first task. Slab leaks happen when the pipes under your house burst, allowing water to drip under your flooring. After you meet with us, we will send our expert slab leak detection specialists to your home or office to discover the root of the issue. You can guarantee that you’ll receive the kind of service that you deserve. Slab Leak Repair Dallas has the expertise necessary to solve all of your slab leak and plumbing problems. Call today today to speak with one of our experts about a free estimate!