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leak detection planoSlab leaks are difficult to recognize, but it’s essential to target them right after detecting them. We have professionals specializing in slab leak repairs that can correct your leak regardless of where it is originating, and they can perform the repair professionally and quickly. A slab leak can arise from various places, and it’s hard to predict without specialized tools. Our technician can quickly pinpoint the source and provide a solution before your home’s base is harmed.

Providing a specific slab leak detection Plano service is normally the initial step in finding and repairing your water leak. As knowledgeable leak detectors, we use modern tools and many years of experience to accurately and quickly reach your leak.

Our standardized process for finding a leak involves several actions. Each phase brings us even closer to understanding what we have to learn to provide you with the most and best economical solution to the issue.

After determining the right spot where the leaks are, we can perform a pressure check over the system. We’ll check ceilings and walls for moisture if the water isn’t feasible. If moisture shows on the wall structure closest to the plumbing, we recommend going directly to the drip’s separation by opening the wet wall or roof. If the problem isn’t apparent, then we move ahead to our electric leak detection procedure.

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When do I need a Slab Leak Repair Plano?

You’ll find a wide range of factors that can result in a slab leak. Its type determines the kind of repair job your slab is going to need. Rust in copper piping, wrongly positioned water pipes or pipe damage shifting are all factors that result in slab leaks.

Continued contact between soil and copper pipes can trigger a chemical reaction. This sort of chemical reaction causes the copper piping to corrode, which can cause a leak. Contact with soil isn’t the only thing that can harm underground copper pipes. Besides, there’s the possibility of harm from lines contracting and expanding with temperature changes and remaining worn by friction from stones, rocks, or concrete. The ground shifting might boost the chance of abrasions and harm the pipes under the base. It’s typical for specific substances to have accidental damage during construction on a building. Nevertheless, several damage types to those pipes may stop them from working, and they might start common leaks in the future.

Unfortunately, since many homeowners don’t check their home’s foundation very frequently, a slab leak can go undiscovered until the harm has already been done. If the soil your house is built on is prone to shifting, it’s more critical to monitor the state of your pipes and foundation and to check out for any signs of leakage.

It’s impossible to determine if there was an improper installation of your respective pipes until you face any issue with it. However, it’s essential to get our specialists to examine your slab immediately and detect any harm that might allow you to avoid getting more damage from it.

Mold, termites, and erosion may affect the house regarding a forgotten slab leak, and yes, it may be challenging to maintain a habitable home. Our slab repair professional will find the leak’s source and recommend the right program for repairing the problem. Slab fix could rapidly heighten in price, depending on parts that are used.

Slab Leak Repair Plano TX

We have four essential solutions in slab leak repair.


Epoxy restoration: This procedure restores your pipeline and removes the leak that uses two entry points to finish the epoxy fix.

Pipe reroute: It calls for constructing a new water line that replaces the damaged one in its entirety. Since the brand new line must run through ceilings and walls, it’s not the first choice for many slab repairs.

Re-piping: This strategy replaces your harmed pipe with a brand new line.

Direct access: This method includes using a jackhammer to tear up the floor to use the damaged pipe. A fix is made in the line, and construction has to be made to fix the floor. This method isn’t advisable if the leak is found beneath the walls or permanent plumbing connections.


Save yourself mess and money with our slab leak repair service and leak detection Plano TX for your house. At Slab Leak Repair Dallas TX, we give you a complete selection of repair options and make sure you will be satisfied with the services we provide.