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leak detection plano

Slab leaks are difficult to recognize, but it’s essential to deal with them right after detecting them. We have a team of professionals that specialize in slab leak repairs. They will be able to correct your leak regardless of where it is originating, and they can perform the repair quickly and efficiently. A slab leak can arise from many different places, and it can be hard to detect it without specialized tools. Our technician can quickly pinpoint the source and provide a solution that will prevent any further damage to your home. Call us today to speak with our experts about the most reliable slab leak detection Plano residents have ever seen!

Performing an inspection is normally the initial step in finding and repairing your water leak. With the use of modern tools coupled with many years of experience, we know just how to accurately detect the leak with little to no disruption to your life. Our team is here to provide extremely accurate slab leak detection Plano families can count on!

Our standard process for finding a leak involves several steps. After determining the exact location of any leaks, we can perform a pressure check through the system. If the water pressure seems normal, we’ll check the ceilings and walls for moisture next. If moisture shows on the wall structure closest to the plumbing, we recommend opening the wet wall or roof so we can work as close to the leak as possible. In the event there are no visual or obvious signs of a leak, we will still triple check with our electronic leak detection equipment. If you or anybody you know is suspicious of leaks inside their home, call us today for the best slab leak repair Plano TX resident can trust!


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When do I need a Slab Leak Repair Plano?

You’ll find a wide range of factors that can lead to a slab leak. The method or approach to repairing the leak will vary based on which factors had the most impact in causing the issue. Rust in copper piping, wrongly positioned water pipes or pipe damage due to shifting are all factors that can eventually result in slab leaks. Call or email us today for the most reliable leak detection Plano residents have ever seen!

Continued contact between soil and copper pipes can trigger a chemical reaction. This sort of chemical reaction causes the copper piping to corrode, which can result in a leak. Contact with soil isn’t the only thing that can harm underground copper pipes. Another common issue that can damage pipes is contracting and expanding with temperature changes. When the ground shifts and moves it increases the chance of abrasions from soil and rocks under the pipes. 

Unfortunately, since many homeowners don’t check their home’s foundation very frequently, a slab leak can go unnoticed and cause damage to your home without you knowing. If the soil your house is built on is prone to shifting, it’s even more critical to monitor the state of your pipes and foundation.

It’s almost impossible to determine if any piping was installed correctly or not until any issues arise. Mold and termites may also affect the house regarding a forgotten slab leak. Our expert will find the leak’s source and recommend the appropriate solution for repairing the problem. Call us today for the most reliable leak detection Plano TX residents can stand by!

Slab Leak Repair Plano TX

We have four primary solutions for slab leak repairs.

Epoxy restoration: This procedure restores your pipeline and removes the leak that uses two entry points to finish the epoxy fix.

Pipe reroute: It calls for constructing a new water line that replaces the damaged one in its entirety. Since the brand new line must run through ceilings and walls, it’s not the first choice for many slab repairs.

Re-piping: This strategy replaces only the affected pipe with a brand new line.

Direct access: This method includes using a jackhammer to tear up the floor to use the damaged pipe. A fix is made in the line, and construction has to be made to fix the floor. This method isn’t advisable if the leak is found beneath the walls or in permanent plumbing connections.

Save yourself mess and money with our slab leak repair services. At Slab Leak Repair Dallas, we give you a complete selection of affordable repair options, and we want to make sure you are satisfied with the services we provide. Call us today to speak with our experts about the most reliable leak detection Plano TX families have ever seen!